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Jomblo Keep Smile

Director: Yoyok Sri Hardianto

Producer: KK Dheeraj

Author: SkinnyIndonesian24

In the midst of busy preparations for his brother’s wedding, Agus ( Kemal Palevi ) falls in love with his high school friend , Angeline ( Kimberly Ryder ). Even though his friend, Jo ( Reza Aditya ), doubts that Agus can steal the immortal single Angeline’s heart, who has a peculiar laugh. After all, as a good friend he is willing to help in all kinds of ways.

Suspecting that Angeline must be a materialistic girl, Agus tries to do PDKT by driving a new car that was a gift from Mr. ( Joe Project P ) for his brother’s wedding, without his father knowing. What Agus did not realize was that he was so focused on Angeline that he forgot many things around him; family, friends, even his father’s gift car.

Naively he even asks the Southeast Asian Mafia boss , Boris ( Caisar Putra Aditya ), to solve the problem.

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