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Genre: Romance, Action

Author:  Imam Tantowi

Director: MT Risyaf

ENCEP and ADING are friends with AKI BASHIR’s educated teachers who are known for their high knowledge. They study martial arts while living in the forest. Often Encep and Ading’s pranks annoyed Ki Bashir, but KI BASHIR still understood their young souls. Until one day Ki Bashir’s anger was unbearable when ENCEP and ADING interrupted his concentration while practicing, causing the destruction of part of the forest area near them. This made Encep and Ading feel guilty and uncomfortable. They also decided to migrate to Jakarta, starting a new life. it happened that Encep and Ading had relatives there.

Early in the morning…, at dawn ENCEP and ADING were already at AKI BASHIR’s house in his silat hermitage…. AKI BASHIR came out of the room, he calmly faced his two students who wanted to flee to the city. After the dawn prayer in congregation, AKI BASHIR could only tell ENCEP and ADING to be careful .. the knowledge that was gained was learned… acted used to show off…. Don’t use it to scare people…. Only time pressed can be imprinted. > ENCEP and ADING nodded according to AKI’s advice.

Arriving in Jakarta, ENCEP and ADING tried to find their respective close relatives. With confidence, ENCEP also managed to meet his uncle, MANG UCUP, and ADING also met with his relative, MANG SATIBI. They also began to live out their days as citizens of the city. ENCEP started his business selling pepes, while ADING helped his uncle keep the market safe.

It is not easy for them to blend into city life. But armed with the advice of their teacher, AKI BASHIR, they always try to help people who are in trouble by practicing their tough enough martial arts while remaining humble.

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