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Perempuan-Perempuan Liar

Initial release: October 13, 2011

Director: Rako Prijanto

Producer: Raam Punjabi

Screenplay: Raditya Mangunsong

Cast: Nikita Mirzani

The two craziest Debt Collectors !! Dom and Mino bump into crazy women, Mey and Cindy. Dom and Mino get caught up in Mey and Cindy’s crazy game. They took Mey away from the wedding. The tragedy of this runaway bride made Mey and Cindy’s father even more angry.

Mey and Cindy are spoiled children of Jakarta conglomerates, fond of debauchery, shopping and crazy for money. Their father ended up blocking the credit card as well as all connections and perks. Cindy’s father and Mey mobilize all of his men, including Gary – Mey’s future fiancé – to hunt down Dom and Mino.

They live crazy adventures, from taking food from the super market to blackmailing Mey and Cindy’s parents. All these crazy ideas for Mey and Cindy. And on the run, Mey saw the interesting side of Dom. Both fell in love. Unfortunately Dom has been arranged. Their flight to Dom’s village actually accelerates the marriage process for Dom and his father’s choice of mate. Mey is heartbroken. The problem gets more complicated when Gary takes Dom and Mino’s father hostage. Since the beginning, Gary never loved Mey, he was only after money from Mey’s blackmail against his parents.

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