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The Real Parakang

Release date: August 24, 2017 (Indonesia)

Director: Ibnu Agha

Story by: Abu Hamzah

Screenplay: Novran

Producers: Abu Hamzah, Evry Joe

Bagas has parakang black magic which makes residents uneasy. Rusman, the father-in-law who didn’t want any more casualties, was forced to finish him off by shooting him in the head.

Meanwhile, Elena, a journalist who has a sixth sense, sees a small child inheriting the science of parakang. Elena, who did not want any casualties from the parakang action, invited Rino to look for the child. Denis and Karina, Bagas’ children, are saddened by the news of the death of their father and sister, Diva. When Denis was about to bring Diva’s body home, the doctor said that Diva was still alive. Diva’s body has inherited parakang black magic and his body is now controlled by evil forces so that victims are falling. After seeing Diva turn into parakang and want to finish off Denis, Karina helps Elena and Rino to save Denis as well as finish off Parakang. Diva. Karina, Elena and Rino survived Parakang’s rampage. However, they did not know that the knowledge had entered Denis’s body.

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