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Death Is Here 4

Initial release: April 4, 2014

Director: David Kuan

Box office: 35.2 million JPY

Distributor: Huaxia Film Distribution

Beijing, the present day, winter. Drama-school students Xiaowu (Zhai Wenbin) and Mu Fan (Wang Yi) take their respective girlfriends, student actresses Liu Sisi (He Dujuan) and Ling Fei’er (Chai Biyun), to an old courtyard house in the countryside they’ve rented from old widower Qiao (Wu Ma) so the girls can prepare for some forthcoming auditions.

Liu Sisi has her eyes set on a role in the spooky TV drama Women in the Courtyard 庭院女人, while Ling Fei’er is trying out for the supporting female role in a production of Macbeth. During a power cut the four play the ouija board-like game bixian 笔仙, and afterwards it seems as if they have aroused the ghost of a female spirit in the house. Locals say the property is haunted.

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