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Al Hijab

Initial release: 2011

Director: Pierre Andre

Screenplay: Pierre Andre

Rafael is an actor who does not believe in the existence of ghosts. One day he was offered the main character to star in a horror movie. He who was surprised by the offer was very excited and tried to animate his role as best he could. Unfortunately, Rafael did not manage to get the feeling of fear that could satisfy him. Satisfied he visited places that were said to be haunted but never saw the creature. Rafael’s girlfriend, Qiss, who is weird with Rafael, complained about it to his mother. Qiss’s mother then told Rafael about what a hijab was. Rafael had the opportunity to see subtle makhlus if his hijab was opened.

However, only certain people are able to open the hijab. Rafael who was getting stuck looking for someone who could open his hijab finally received a strange message directing him to go somewhere. Only in that place will the hijab be opened. Upon arriving at the said place, Rafael was greeted by an old aunt with her daughter. Rafael wondered how the old aunt knew her desire to open her hijab. Rafael was taken somewhere in the recesses of the forest. There the old aunt began to open Rafael’s hijab. From a vague glance, little by little Rafael was finally able to see something awesome.

He felt quite happy mixed with fear. Rafael asked for a day for him to use the ‘advantages’ he had for the purpose of animating his acting character. Returning to his house, Rafael did not realize there was ‘something’ also taking him home. Starting to feel uncomfortable, Rafael tried to sleep but failed. There are only things that seem to bother him. After almost 24 hours of his hijab being opened, Rafael returned to the old aunt’s house to close his hijab again. Did Rafael’s hijab succeed again or was he forced to continue his life with the ‘award’?

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