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Kisah Seram Hospital

Initial release: April 13, 2017

Director: Mohd Azaromi Ghozali

Producer: David Teo

The film tells the story of Amira (Fatin Afeefa) who comes from the village to the capital to attend an interview as a nurse at a hospital. Unfortunately, Amira did not see the hospital and almost gave up. While waiting for a taxi at a remote bus stop, Dahlia (Nina Iskandar) who happened to be working at the hospital that Amira was looking for appeared and gave her help.

After being accepted to work at the hospital, Dahlia also invited Amira to live together in her rented house as an old housemate had left home. Amira agrees, and since then began a horrible episode in Amira’s life that is often interrupted by horror incidents and the appearance of a horror board. An acquaintance with a young doctor named Farid (Fizz Fairuz), adds to the existing confusion that has happened to Amira.

Dahlia also seems uncomfortable with the relationship between Amira and Dr. Farid. Amira’s soul became more and more depressed day by day. It not only happened at the hospital where Amira worked, but also at Dahlia’s house where Amira was staying. This confusion makes Amira not sure if she is in reality or she is still dreaming.

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