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Rasuk 1

Release date: June 28, 2018 (Indonesia)

Director: Ubay Fox

Film series: Rasuk

Producer: K.K. Dheeraj

Language: Indonesian

Production companies: Dee Company, MD Entertainment

Langgir Janaka is a young woman who hates others a lot. Since Aba, Langgir’s father, died when he was a child, Langgir felt that Ambu, his mother, hated him, even after he remarried Om Udin and gave Langgir a younger brother named Bakula Borneo. Langgir is jealous of his three friends, Lintang Kasih, Sekar Tanjung, and Francisca Inggrid, all of whom are part of the Putri Sejagat gang, which he considers living a perfect life. The only person Langgir loves is Abhimanyu, a young man whom he has long had a crush on, but Langgir does not have the courage to speak his heart out.

Before Lintang went to Singapore , he invited Putri Sejagat to stay at his uncle’s villa, Karma Rinjani. When their car was blocked by a damaged bridge, they were forced to walk for several hundred meters to reach the villa. After being cornered in a hut, a woman named Kumalasari appears and guides them to their destination, where they meet the villa manager, Cecep. Abhimanyu is waiting there. Inggrid then announced that she and Abhimanyu were dating. Heartbroken, Langgir expressed his hatred towards them before rushing home.

Langgir found himself lost again and found Kumalasari’s grave which turned out to be dead two years ago. Langgir fell into a burrow and was possessed. Abhimanyu followed Langgir, but he had an accident because he was startled by Kumalasari’s ghost. Meanwhile, Lintang, Sekar, and Inggrid were each haunted or possessed by Kumalasari. They learned that, apart from Inggrid, Sekar and Lintang also kept secrets: Sekar was an adopted child, while Lintang had a brain tumor and was about to undergo surgery in Singapore. After Cecep saved them, Sekar decided that they should all go home and follow Cecep to borrow a car.

Abhimanyu woke up at the house of Ustaz village and was immediately warned by him to leave Karma Rinjani, because the place has a dark history: Kumalasari, daughter of Rudi, a shaman who lives in a forest hut with his wife Rosita, commits suicide by jumping from bridge after she was raped by laborers working on the villa. Grief-stricken Rudi plans to induce a woman to be possessed by his daughter’s soul. His first plan was thwarted by Cecep, who he later killed. Abhimanyu found out that the “Cecep” he had met earlier was actually Rudi.

Sekar catches Rudi undergoing a ritual so that Kumalasari can enter Langgir’s body and hears that Rudi chose Langgir because he has so much hatred in his heart. He meets Rosita who is held captive so as not to interfere with Rudi’s plans. They are intercepted by Rudi and, after a fierce battle, Sekar manages to kill Rudi. However, possessed Langgir fled to the city and killed the land buyer who was about to buy Aba’s inheritance house. He proceeded to his house and intended to kill Bakula. Before he could do so, Pak Ustaz arrived with Lintang, Inggrid, Abhimanyu, Sekar and Rosita and, assisted by Ambu and Om Udin, managed to free Langgir from the Kumalasari spirit.

Some time later, Langgir, Sekar, Inggrid, and Abhimanyu bid farewell to Lintang who was about to leave for Singapore to undergo surgery.

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